Welcome to Express Web Services with TNT

TNT's Express web services provides the ability to integrate the power of TNT's distribution network into your company systems. This will give you seamless access and integration of TNT solutions and gives your online business a truly global reach.

Using standard 'XML' technology, Express web services provides TNT's shipping, pricing and tracking interfaces within your own warehouse management and order processing systems. This site allows you to view, modify and submit XML requests for a range of different services. User guides are available to explain and guide you on each web service.

Routing Labels
Use Express Label to submit XML requests for routing labels. View and amend the XML for the different options available before submitting. Links to documentation and schema resources are also provided.

Use Express Connect Shipping to create or book shipments, check the price of a shipment or print shipment documentation. Links to schema resources and documentation are also available.

Use Express Connect Pricing to modify and submit XML requests to obtain a shipment price. You can also perform a dataset request. Links to the schema and other documentation are also available.

Use Express Connect Tracking to generate the XML or JSON required to track one or more consignments. The page also contains links to user guides.